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Invest with the Ultimate Insider: The Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve controls the U.S. financial markets. Fed policies impact asset prices and are key influencer on your portfolio’s performance.

The central bank is the foremost watcher of inflation, the economic situation, and it influences interest rates. Employ the Fed’s research and actions in your investment strategy.

Don’t fight the Fed, use Fed policy to your advantage!

FriarCrier’s Fed Edge membership will uses Fed action to forecast security market performance.

You’ll receive weekly signals for an investment portfolio that takes Fed policy into account. Additional analysis and interpretation of the US treasury yield curve, bond quality spreads, and movements of the federal funds rate
will also be shared.

The investment portfolio will rotate asset classes between:

  • Fixed-income investments
  • Equities
  • Hard assets
  • Commodities

Using Fed policy to determine the optimum asset rotation and best investment vehicles dramatically improves returns vs staying with a buy-and-hold strategy. Price action will also be reviewed to ensure optimal timing of the portfolio’s asset rotation.

Broad-based index investments will be given for the selected asset class rotation.

Additionally, you’ll have the option to increase your returns by investing in the strongest sector inside an asset class. Specific securities will be provided that generate reliable returns and low draw-downs.

Join today and use Fed policy to your advantage!

As a member of FriarCrier’s Fed Edge You’ll receive access to:

* Community Investing Forum

Our Exclusive Investing Forum is a community of investors looking to share trading ideas and market dialogue. I regularly join conversations, give feedback and share my trading ideas and experiences openly with the community.

* Video Charts

Video charts are shared with members weekly analyzing the current asset class investments. Additionally, the Fed effect on the yield curve, bond quality spreads, and movements of the federal funds rate will be discussed.

* The Weekly Strategy Update

Members receive a “Strategy Update” each weekend, which reviews the portfolio’s current investment. Any position changes will be discussed and the new investment highlighted.

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